Week 6 Term 1 2022 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I would like to invite you to the Term 1 Parent Night on Thursday 17 March at 7.30pm in the Hall. The main purpose of parent nights is to reflect on our role and gain some new insights that can be applied at home. To that end, it promises to be a rich experience with guest speaker Steve Lawrence giving an address on the topic “Be in the world and not of the world: A Guide for Parents”.

I’ve heard it said that parents are not raising children; they are raising adults. The point is well made, as parents were once children and the product of their own upbringing. Making the best of the time given to us will be crucial to realising the hopes we have for raising Catholic children who love God and live the life of grace to the full. As Scott Hahn comments in his book, The First Society: The Sacrament of Matrimony and the Restoration of the Social Order,

“We can’t control the national or civilisational culture our children will inherit, but we can do everything in our power to ensure our children will inherit the true faith. We can’t control the nature of the society our children will have to contend with, but we can influence the nature of the Catholic children our society will have to contend with.”

In addition to Steve’s address and the ensuing discussion, JP Sweeney will entertain us with some fun Irish music (perhaps wear a green accessory for St Patrick’s Day!), the teaching faculty will make a profession of faith as a sign of their unswerving commitment to the Catholic faith, and we will launch a new College prospectus. All that and more before enjoying each other’s company over a beverage. I’m really looking forward to the night and the opportunity to catch up with each of you.

Warm regards,

Ian Smith



Kinder Attendance

Kinder students will begin to attend school five days a week from Monday 14th March.


Primary School Readers

Do you have any readers at home from last year that were not returned to the school?  Please drop them off at the school office so they can be returned to their correct classroom to be used by other students.  Thank you.😊


Old Playground

The old playground at the rear of the food tech room is to be removed.  If anyone would like to have it, please express your interest to the school office by no later than Thursday 10th March.


School Building Development

Parents and staff are invited to a meeting on Thursday 10th of March at 7.30pm in Saint Mary’s Parish Hall to learn about the proposed building project for SMMC.  We would like to get your feedback.

Our architect, Michael Suttie, is expected to Zoom in to talk about the proposal and how it fits in with a long-term vision for the future of the school. Plans for the school will be on display to view during the evening. There will be opportunities to ask questions of the directors and the architect.  A feedback sheet will be provided for you to express your views.


Class Parents

An email asking permission for the school to share parent contact information with our 2022 Class Parents was sent out during the week.  Please indicate your permission on the online form as soon as possible.  A list of this year’s Class Parents and some information about their role is attached.