Week 8 Term 1 2023 Newsletter


Dear Parents,

While it is St Patrick’s Day, I am mindful that the feast of St Joseph will be celebrated on Monday, held over for a day from its traditional spot on 19th March. One of the qualities of St Joseph that is a standout is his gentle manliness.

Manly in the sense that he was strong and physically capable. As a carpenter, he spent his professional life helping other people to build their lives, accommodating their families and businesses. I get the sense of gentleness from St Joseph’s purity, chastity and humble obedience.

St Joseph’s gentlemanly quality is worthy of admiration and, for the boys, emulation. This path is a great challenge. It can be easy to think that imposing on others, by asserting ourselves, will win approval and popularity. Nothing, as we know, could be further from the truth.

St Joseph’s example inspires us to put our capabilities at the service of others and our ambitions in perspective. Let us take St Joseph as our model of strength in humility, gentleness and obedience.

Finally, I would like to thank all the students who performed at today’s St Patrick’s Day Pageant for their diligent preparation and skillful delivery. And thanks to Mr Sweeney and the primary teachers for their creative and persistent efforts to prepare their classes

and individual performers.

Warm regards,

Ian Smith



Winter Uniform Orders

Parents are reminded to get any orders for Winter Uniforms in as soon as possible, ready for Term 2.  Please visit the School Uniform Shop website at www.smmcuniformshop.com for further details and to place any orders.



Congratulations to Catherine O’Brien, 2022 Dux of St Mary MacKillop College.  Your dedication towards your studies is an inspiration to the college and its students.  We wish you every success for the future.


Cross Country

The annual SMMC Cross Country run will be held on Tuesday 28th March at the Jindera Golf Club, with Primary students running from 10.30am and Secondary students running from 1.15pm.  Students will be transported to and from the event on a chartered bus.  Parents are invited to spectate on the day.  Thank you to all parents who have already volunteered to help assist with the event. Please contact the school office if you would like to add your name to the list of volunteers.


Working Bee

A Working Bee will be held on Saturday 1st April from 9.00am to 12pm.  Please see further information attached.


Mother’s Day Raffle Donations

The school Fundraising Committee is organising a Mother’s Day Raffle and needs donations of suitable items and vouchers for raffle prizes.  If you are able to make a personal donation, or if you know a business that you can ask for a donation, please leave a message at the school office or let Vera Galvin know by Friday 24th March.  Thank you for your generosity.