Week 8 Term 1 2022 Newsletter

Dear parents,

I couldn’t help but take pride in the efforts of the students to celebrate the feast of St Patrick worthily and with such joy. The St Patrick’s Day Pageant, far from being a mere series of performances, gave true testimony to the wonders of God and the devotion of his servants. I hope you had a chance to tune into the livestream, if not able to be present at school.

The graces have continued to flow through the visit of Steve Lawrence, whose heart-felt sharing of the wonders God has done in his life were felt by parents and colleagues at the Term 1 Parent Night, and again on Friday morning by the senior students of the College.

I would like to thank parents for their outstanding support by way of costuming, catering, being present and in other myriad ways. SMMC staff prepared students impeccably, their generosity and talents shining through the performances and in other acts of service.

Warm regards,


Ian Smith



St Patrick’s Day Fundraiser

Thank you to the SRC who raised $292 dollars from salad roll and cupcake sales on St Patrick’s Day.  $146 has been donated to the Caritas Ukrainian Appeal with the remaining amount going towards beautifying the prayer altars in the classrooms.


Kinder Class Parent

Willem and Orla Slee are this year’s Kinder Classroom Parents.  Their contact number for Class Parent/School Advisory Council matters is 0431 768 558.


Tea/Coffee After Mass

Tea and coffee is provided for parents after Mass on Friday mornings during school term.  All parents welcome.


Winter Uniforms

It’s a good time to start thinking about ordering winter uniforms now, ready for next term.  Visit our online uniform shop for further info:  http://www.smmcuniformshop.com


Uniform and Appearance

Students are expected to present in correct College uniform each day and at designated College activities.


Boys are required to be clean and tidy, clean-shaven and to have their hair cut above the collar. No hair ties are to be worn. They are to be correctly dressed, including shirt tucked in at all times. Only white t-shirts or singlets can be worn under the shirt. No jewellery is to be worn. No tattoos or dyed hair are permitted.


Girls hair must not be dyed, must be well groomed and tied back if it is below the shoulders. Navy blue ribbons and/or navy hair bands are worn with the uniform. Make-up, nail polish and jewellery are not permitted. In case of pierced ears, one pair of simple stud earrings may be worn in the earlobe. No tattoos are allowed.


Unwell Students and Good Hygiene

A friendly reminder that unwell children must not be sent to school.  We also ask parents to please remind their children about the importance and practice of good hygiene. Please notify the school in the event that a family member is diagnosed with an infectious disease, such as Covid-19, chicken pox, influenza, pneumonia, diphtheria, mumps, gastroenteritis, measles, meningococcal and pertussis (whooping cough). Thank you.