Dear Members of our Community of Faith,

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WOW! What an amazing production we witnessed last Friday evening and Saturday. I was so proud of our talented students and staff and the wonderful community we are a part of here at SMMC. Another special thank you to Mr Williams and Miss Costello for their incredible work in putting together such a wonderful performance, to anyone who kindly donated props or assisted in any way. I do think Mr Green and Mr Clarke had way too much fun with the sound and lighting! It is wonderful having so much expertise within our community. Thank you!


Breakfast Club

Next Thursday the SRC will be running one final Breakfast Club to finish up a great year at SMMC. If you have any spare eggs at home could you please send these into school across the coming week. We will do a stocktake next Wednesday and only purchase what we need to. Thank you in advance.


Adoration and Assembly

We will have Adoration next Thursday from 11:20am – 1:00pm with Benediction at 12:45pm. Anyone is more than welcome to come and pray with us. Also to finish the year as a team, we will be gathering for a final assembly on Thursday at 2:30pm before we head off for the long break. Parents are very welcome to attend.


School Survey

The annual Parent Survey was emailed out to all parents two weeks ago. So far we have 10 out of a possible 49 responses, so please make the effort to fill in this anonymous survey as we appreciate your feedback on the various aspects of the college.



This Friday we will hold our final 2018 Kinder Orientation. A big thank you to Miss Maclean for her work in organising these sessions. They really assist these students to have a positive beginning to their school life. I hope your students have enjoyed coming along to ‘big school’. Any new students beginning at SMMC in 2018 will also have an opportunity to come along this Friday and our current Year 6 students will spend Periods 3 & 4 in with the current Yr7s doing some Visual Arts with Mr William to get a taste of secondary.



We held our P&F AGM last Thursday evening with a small group gathering in the Library. Office Bearer elections see Paul McAlister continuing in his role as President and Vera Galvin as Treasurer. Fiona Nuttall is stepping down as Secretary with Tania O’Brien stepping in to fill these big shoes. Thank you to Fiona for her tireless work and enthusiasm in supporting P&F initiatives. You will still need to supply the chocolates for our meetings! Money was allocated to various areas of the school including funding a new kitchen for the hall, new fridge, readers and big books for junior primary and bibles for classrooms. Our first meeting for 2018 will be held on Thursday 15th February.


Presentation Night

Next Tuesday 5th December we will hold our annual Presentation Night beginning at 7pm. We will set up outside on the sports court unless inclement weather forces us back into the hall. Primary awards this year will include BIPSA Awards, Stage 3 Religion and Certificates for our graduating Year 6 students. We will not be giving awards to every child as we did last year. Primary students will also be involved in choir and an Infant Nativity Play. Primary School Reports will be available for collection from your children’s teachers at the conclusion of the evening. I encourage all our families to be present for this evening as it is our final gathering for 2017 and it is important that students are here to perform and also support their peers. See you there!


Primary Pool Celebration

To celebrate a great year of learning, Primary students are being treated to a swim at the pool next Wednesday 6th December. Please fill in the attached permission note regarding this excursion.


Enjoy the remainder of the week. One to go!


God Bless,
Luke Burton (Principal)