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Dear Members of our Community of Faith,


We keep Mr Dante Moscol in our prayers as he has been quite unwell again. He would be most appreciative knowing our community is praying for him. We also pray for Hannah Moriarty’s Grandmother who is also unwell.


What a great treat I had last Friday from the SMMC Kitchen. The Year 3/4s under the expert tuition of Mrs Galvin whipped up the most delicious Eggplant Parmigiana and I had a portion delivered to my desk. If you haven’t tried the recipe yet, it is a must! Even more impressive was the washing up skills on display when I delivered my empty plate back to the kitchen. What a great opportunity this program provides for our students. Thank you Mrs Galvin and Mrs Tingle for your hard work.


Mother/Daughter Camp

From all reports the Mother/Daughter Camp was a great success! Thank you to all involved in making it happen – staff, parents and students. A huge amount of organisation goes into a camp: food; room allocations; organising for parents to take time off work; loading up trailers with mountains of bikes; and the list goes on, so thanks to everyone. The photos within this newsletter tell the story. It looked like a lot of fun was had with some great spiritual input across the weekend.



To our Dads: The Father/Son Camp date has been in the newsletter each week. If you haven’t taken note of it yet, please do so and work towards being there in November!


Parent Information Evening

As advertised, next Wednesday we have our first Parent Evening for the year. These nights are a really crucial part of our school and it is important you make every effort to be there. If you are unable to find a babysitter for your children and this is preventing you from attending, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange a high school student to assist you for a small fee. The topic for the evening will be “Marriage – Living out our Vocation”. Fr Joe Pich, an Opus Dei Priest from Melbourne will be our guest speaker. He will outline some of the current challenges we are facing in trying to uphold Christian Marriage and also give some insights into how we can live out our roles as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. Looking forward to seeing you there.


St Patrick’s Day

Next Thursday 17th March, we will celebrate St Patrick’s Day. This day has become somewhat a secular celebration across the years, so we will be conscious of celebrating the missionary work of St Patrick and also the Irish Missionaries who helped to bring the faith to our country. Students may wear a green ‘accessory’, but please no face paint or hair dye. Hot Dogs will be available for $1 at lunchtime and the SRC will provide cupcakes at recess, also for $1. Please bring money and give to your class or homeroom teacher in the morning and they will send to the office. At 12:15pm we will hold a small performance in the hall to celebrate the Life of St Patrick and maybe an Irish Jig or two! Please come along if you can.


Today is the Feast Day of St Dominic Savio, one of our classroom names. He lived a short, but remarkable life dedicated to living according to the teachings of Jesus and having a great influence on those around him. Interestingly, he was under the tuition of St John Bosco, one of our school’s patrons. St Dominic Savio, pray for us.


God Bless


Luke Burton