Dear Members of our Community of Faith,

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Today we celebrate All Souls Day where we remember all those who have died. I am sure for all of us it is a special day where we remember someone close to us. I was at my usual adoration hour this morning and was reading something on the importance of praying for those who have died, especially those souls in purgatory. During your evening prayers you might like to make special mention of this.

Yesterday was a wonderful day as we celebrated All Saints Day. Well done to the students (and their dedicated parents) for making the effort to dress up – the costumes were very impressive. We are all called to emulate the saints who ultimately give us an example of how to live as a follower of Christ. Thank you to Mrs Galvin for giving of her time to provide salad rolls for everyone and to the SRC Representatives for providing cupcakes for recess. Your efforts are much appreciated.



Swimming for both secondary and primary students is coming up in the next few weeks. Due to circumstances out of our control the secondary students will now only take part in 2 sessions on Wednesday 22nd November and Wednesday 6th December.  Anyone who paid for all the sessions will be credited for the swimming program at the beginning of 2018. The Primary Swimming intensive will take place during the week of 20th – 24th November. Please get your notes and money back to the office as soon as possible.


Parish Mission

It was wonderful to have Fr Antoine and Sisters of the Immaculata visit our school on Tuesday 31st October, working on building a real love of adoring Christ in the Eucharist.


A few of our HSC Students have completed their exams which no doubt is a great relief. Congratulations on finishing the marathon! We continue to keep in our prayers those students with exams still to come. I thank our staff who have been there to meet the students before and after their exams. This has been a great support for our students and I am sure helped settle pre-exam nerves. We look forward to celebrating with this wonderful group of students at their Graduation Dinner this Saturday evening at the Commercial Club.


Next week our secondary students will sit their annual exams. I encourage them to prepare well and to give all exams their best effort. Thank you to our dedicated staff for all their work in supporting these students in their learning.


Next Friday the Mothers and Daughters will head off for their camp at Howman’s Gap. It is a beautiful part of the world up there and I am sure the weekend will be a great experience for you all as you test your physical capabilities and be nourished spiritually also.


A reminder that the P&F AGM will be held next Thursday 9th November if you are able to make it along.


God Bless, Luke Burton (Principal)