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Dear parents,


Footballers “fly the flag” for their team, especially when teammates need their support. Their actions demonstrate loyalty to a particular identity. On Monday 11 May, staff and students gathered to fly SMMC’s new flags.


Though less combative than the footballers, the blessing and raising of Australian, Holy See and NSW flags reminds us of who we are: Catholic Australians living in NSW.


Faith in Jesus Christ has brought us together and continues to unite us. Thanks be to God, the first post-Coronavirus public Mass was celebrated this morning at St Mary’s Church, Jindera. The priests of our parish have managed the liturgical and sacramental restrictions impeccably, maintaining a presence at SMMC throughout. May this first Mass be a sign of our return to full participation in the mysteries of our faith.


Warm regards,

Ian Smith



School Citizenship Awards

Those who live in the Greater Hume Council area will notice that Patrick Byrnes is pictured on page 6 of the council’s current newsletter. Patrick and Filomena Peoples, a 2019 SMMC graduate, both received a School Citizenship Award at a council ceremony on Australia Day. We would like to congratulate them both as well as all other students who received an award on the day.


Staff Directory

Attached is an updated staff directory listing staff email addresses. If you have any academic concerns or would like to contact your child’s teacher for any reason, please email them directly.

COVID-19 Precautions

We would like to remind everyone that we still have enhanced hygiene practices in place at the college.  This includes regular hand washing, the use of hand sanitizer, sneezing and coughing into the elbow, and not sharing food.  We also ask parents to please keep children who are unwell at home.  Thank you.


Blessing of the Flag Poles

Three new flagpoles, donated by our 2019 year 12 graduates, have recently been installed on the school grounds.  On Monday we held an outdoor assembly where Father Murphy was kind enough to bless the new flags and poles.  The flags were raised by our two school captains, Tom Irwin and Rachel Perry as well as 2019 graduate Mr Tom Van Der Horst. A photo page has been attached.


Lost Property Clear Out (including platters and baking trays)

We will soon be having a lost property clear out.  We ask families to please check for any missing items in the lost property baskets located near the hall toilets as we would prefer items to be reunited with their rightful owners.  There is also a number of containers, plates, baking trays etc. left behind from school social functions. The items are laid out on a table in the Hall. Please have a look to see if any belong to your family.