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Dear Parents,


“Meet them where they’re at” has been a common theme used in the formation of young people in recent years. It might be timely to assess just what meet-them-where-they’re-at means and whether it has got us anywhere.


It goes without saying that what we say should be heard and understood, and that messages are delivered with kindness. I get the impression, nonetheless, that meet them where they’re at often enough means, leave them where they’re at.


This is precisely what we must not do. The formation of young people necessarily guides them towards maturity and virtue, rather than stagnation.


Perhaps the new mantra should be “make them uncomfortable”. Sugar hits will not lead to meaningful progress and improvement. No one experiences conversion or a change of heart when they are at ease with the world; it comes initially through crisis and is fortified by discipline.


My thanks go to the families represented at this week’s Parent Night, where some of these issues were discussed. I am also deeply grateful for the support of teachers who attended and gave presentations in their classrooms. The addresses and presentations given at the plenary session are available on the College website, including the slides from Mr Carcarello’s excellent presentation on the SMMC approach to Character Education. I commend to you Rachel Perry’s College Captain’s address, which is attached to the newsletter.


Mr Ian Smith



Swimming Carnival

The SMMC Swimming Carnival is this coming  Wednesday 19th February. Permissions have been sent to your PAM accounts and need to be completed before the carnival. The carnival will be held at the local Jindera Pool. Students need to be dropped off at the pool by 9:15am and picked up from the pool at 3:20pm. For students who catch the bus to school it has been arranged for buses to drop off students at the pool and to be picked up from Jindera Public Primary. For parents who are able to help on the day please fill out the attached volunteer form and return it to the school office as soon as possible. Thank you to those parents who have already volunteered to help on the day.



The Green family have two very cute kittens looking for a new home. If you would like to adopt one, please contact Anna or Michael.


First Holy Communion

Congratulations to Bronagh Slee on receiving her First Holy Communion on Sunday 9th February. Through the many years that lie ahead, may God be by your side, to bless you with all His love and care.


Free Fabric

We have rolls of fabric to give away. If you think you may be able to put it to good use, please feel free to take some.  The rolls are located in the college hall.


Lost Property

Lost property is located just inside the side entrance to the hall. If your family is missing any items, please check lost property. We strongly suggest that all uniform items, lunch boxes etc. be clearly labelled to assist in making the task of returning items to you easier. We plan to have a clear-out of the lost property in the next few weeks but would prefer that items are returned to their rightful owners.


Late Arrivals

Just a friendly reminder that any students who arrive to school after 9:20am or leave before 3.20pm are required to come into the school office to be signed in or out on the college attendance system.  Students who are leaving early must be picked up from the front office by a parent or guardian. Please note that students are required to be marked on the roll before they attend Mass on Fridays.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

SMMC 2020 School Production

This year’s school production will be classic musical  “The Sound of Music” (Junior Edition). Play rehearsals will be held in the college hall every Friday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. Performance dates are Friday 31st July and Saturday 1st August.  Rehearsal schedules will be sent home with the students.


Shrove Tuesday Fundraiser

A pancake breakfast will be served before school from 8.30am on Shrove Tuesday 25th February. Pancakes and a drink of juice will cost $2 per student.


School Assembly

Our first Whole School Assembly for 2020 will be on Friday 28th February. The Assembly is to be held in the college hall after the 9:20am Mass.  All welcome.