Week 2, Term 3 2021 Newsletter

Dear parents,


I’ve been lamenting my current preoccupation with politics, especially the politics of Covid, while keeping a constant vigil of case number updates, border closures and exposure hotspots. I catch myself meditating on worldly machinations, rather than on divine mysteries.


It has provoked memories of times in my late teens and early 20s when, and I know we can idealise our past, my friends and I would speak frequently about the things of God, rather than getting caught up in the swirl of worldly concerns. To us then, following Jesus was the most exciting thing the world had to offer; not worldliness, so to speak. I’m sure that must still be the case. Simpler times, for sure. And we might excuse ourselves by thinking that, as adults, we need to know what is going on – all the time and in vast detail.


It is a real challenge at home (and school!) to protect innocence and grow the practice of virtue. How much of the world do we let in; when is the right time; how do we prepare our children to be a leaven in the world rather than succumb to it? Yesterday’s feast of St Mary Magdalen provides a great image of what really matters.


When the risen Jesus first appears to Mary, she is in a panic and does not recognise him. It is only when she calms down, Jesus says her name and she recognises him. Jesus is standing right in front of us too, whether we recognise him or not. Putting aside worldly preoccupations might allow us to hear him say our name and recognise him.


Warmest regards,


Ian Smith



Prayer Request for Year 12 Students

Please remember our year 12 students in your prayers as they begin their final term of attending SMMC before sitting their HSC exams in term 4. Thank you.


2022 Enrolments

SMMC is currently taking expressions of interest for 2022 enrolments.  Please contact the school office if you have a child who is the correct age for entering Kinder in 2022.  We will be booking enrolment interviews from mid Term 3.


Gala Dinner

Don’t forget to book your Gala Dinner tickets.  This year’s dinner will be held on Saturday 7th August at the Commercial Club Albury.  Come for a great night out including a three course meal, music and silent and live auctions, all in support of the new school adventure playground.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the number of guests allowed has been reduced – so book now before you miss out! https://www.trybooking.com/BRXPZ


School Fees

A friendly reminder to our families to please pay their school fees.  It would be much appreciated if final payment of 2021 school fees could be made by the end of November this year.  If you need to discuss payment of your school fees, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.  Thank you.


Hooded Winter Jacket

A quick overview on when the new SMMC hooded winter jacket can be worn:  Primary may wear the jacket at any time over their winter uniform.  Secondary students may wear the jacket at any time except when wearing their blazer to and from school, at Mass and assemblies.  If it is raining or particularly cold, students may wear the jacket over the blazer coming to and from school.  This should be seen however as the exception, since generally speaking the blazer and jacket are not to be worn together.