Information Technology

The protection of childhood and adolescent innocence is an absolute priority at our school. We use multiple levels of filtering and access control to block morally objectionable content, and recommend these free programs and resources to protect your family on the net: Ask at the office for help to set up any of these programs.

K9 Web Protection РFree for home use, this web filter is very effective at stopping web nasties and can be configured to allow web access only at the times you set.

OpenDNS is the main resource used by the School to protect the students from inappropriate websites. It changes the way your internet browser looks for websites, and is configured to restrict what type of sites can be accessed. The basic service is free for home use.

Computer software can be very expensive and a financial burden on families. The school prefers to use high quality, readily available free software and encourages families to do the same.

Secondary students are given Google Apps hosted accounts for email, word-processing and document storage. The school generally uses the free Open Office instead of Microsoft Office. It is compatible with MS Office and can read the latest version of Word documents.

Over a hundred other free programs are available with one-click installation at with the best value items being office, antivirus and graphics programs.